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Theft and Shoplifting Charges in Washington State

Being charged with a theft is a difficult thing. There are many types of theft charges in Washington State. Whether a charge is a gross misdemeanor or felony is usually determined by the value of the property in issue. The most common Lynnwood theft charge is Theft in The Third Degree. Theft 3rd Degree is defined as the unlawful taking of property valued at less than $750. This is also often referred to as shoplifting. The maximum penalty for Theft Third Degree is a $5000 fine and 364 days in jail. Happily, a qualified Lynnwood Theft Attorney, can often secure a successful result on your Theft 3 charge through a motion for a compromise of misdemeanor using a civil of an alleged victim store. If you have received a civil demand from a store, a demand for payment of enforcement costs, make sure to contact my firm right away. A general idea of why this is important can be found in the informative section what to do with civil demands from stores on this site. If your demand is handled properly, you may be able to get your theft charge dismissed with a well timed motion. If a motion for compromise will not work in your matter (there are various reasons for this), Theft 3 charges may also be able kept off of your record by negotiating with the prosecutor. Your record, circumstances, and why this happened all are important in helping negotiate for a positive result in your matter. Because potential outcomes vary by court and prosecutor it is best to contact Lynnwood Theft Attorney Lance Fryrear at (425) 615-7505 to learn about your best defense.

If you are charged with any misdmeanor theft, such as Theft 3 or shoplifting, or if you have recieved a civil demand in the mail, contact Lynnwood Theft Attorney Lance Fryrear at (425) 615-7505 for an instant evaluation of your case.

Theft crimes involving property of a value of more than $750 are considered a felony in Washington State. Even if you actually did what they are accusing you of, you may still be able to keep a felony theft off of your record. Some counties offer adult diversion or drug court options. These are not easy to get into. If we are able to get you into one of these programs, (Snohomish County has a program called TAP for example) you may be able to keep from going to jail or even being convicted. In my fifteen years of defense work I have learned that there is always a complicated reason that someone runs afoul of the law. By scheduling a free consultation in my office we may be able to begin to understand those reasons and take the necessary steps to help you recover personally and also to improve your chances of getting into an alternative prosecution program.

If you are charged with any felony theft, such as Theft 1, Theft 2, Possession of Stolen Property, or Burglary, the best thing to do is to contact me at (425) 615-7505 right away so I can see what steps we need to take immediately to give you the best chance for success.

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